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Welcome to Foshan Huichen Metal Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

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Low quotations, big profits to customers

Material costs:We try our best to minimize the use of the best
materials and find the best supplier channels.

Labor cost:Improve technology, improve production processes and
increase production efficiency.

Operating costs:We put an end to all waste and do a good job of
controlling every penny.

Our profits:Establish long-term win-win cooperation.

Reduce client schedule pressure

Contact stage:With the customer's needs, speed design artwork,
let the communication zero docking, efficient

Produce:Workers fully guarantee the quality and quantity of
finished products.

Ship:Fast distribution delivery, tracking the dynamics of the
goods throughout

A good after-sales service

Aftermarket response:Rapid response, timely maintenance,
lifting the user's worries.

Parts supply:All application product models are stocked
all year round

Aftermarket team:Professional after-sales service team

Raw material quality assurance

Steel plate:All major manufacturers produce materials certificate

Plating:Different materials electroplating also have different
effects to meet the individual customization

Hardware Accessories:Uses first-line big manufacturers spare parts

Auxiliary materials:Use high quality materials



Diversified home categories

The product range is rich, covering all products used in home
decoration materials; users can customize the required products
according to their own decoration style, color matching, size and
other requirements.

High-precision copper and aluminum

The use of high-grade copper and aluminum composite
materials,light weight and high strength, with acid, high
temperature, wear and other advantages. Color brightness
and corrosion resistance are excellent.

Fast and convenient

The company owns special vehicles for delivery, and forms
long-term cooperative relationships with logistics companies
inside and outside the province, minimizing logistics costs
and increasing product value.


More diverse and flexible design solutions to meet your needs!
The company's dozens of design technology and R&D staff will carefully and carefully document each of your needs and do your best to solve your problems.Regardless of the product, price, service, quality requirements,Welcome you to give us valuable advice, and strive to meet your requirements.

Independent R&D and production

The independent staircase handrail processing production line,
the stair handrail accessories are made of copper or aluminum as
the substrate, through high-brightness electroplating, high-precision
polishing, Germany imported nano-coloring, laser cutting and other
process technologies for production, product type covers high and
mid-range stairs.

Unique disassembly technology

The company's original dismantling process can decompose the formed product into individual parts, with unique assembled parts and combination modes, and effectively guarantee the overall strength and aesthetics of the assembled products.

Effective communication

Effective communication can reduce costs and increase
efficiency for you! Enterprises not only communicate with
customers but also need to communicate better with suppliers
because we will help you to expand your business.

Information system

Professional consulting customer service system! The company's technical staff, who are responsible for customer service, are always available to provide you with advice on design drawings and production processes, product installation, and technology. Price is not the most important factor in determining the purchase. Reliable quality and cost-effectiveness are the most important factors. With strong strength to provide customers with confidence!

Full logistics, point-to-point distribution system
Wealth Plan Affiliate Hotline:400-088-9559






Resolutely implement a variety of management systems with quality
as the core, and have been rated as a demonstration unit for industry
quality and integrity by related departments.


Introduce domestic and foreign advanced production equipment,
strict and precise management


Regulate regional distribution to protect the interests of
dealers and consumers


The lofty honor of the first brand of Chinese metal decoration
materials and famous Chinese brands is enough to verify Palachen's
superior brand advantage..


Constantly improve product quality and service, and continuously
meet the needs of our customers.


The company has a high-quality R&D team, unique products from
time to time to guide the concept of consumer spending, paving the
way for the success of dealers


Perfect pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service systems have
provided dealers and users with "three hearts" guarantees. They are
assured of buying, use peace of mind, and have confidence in us.


The advanced management concept, advanced marketing model, and
perfect rules and regulations are based on the development strategy
of "science and technology, people-oriented" and will remain invincible
in the fierce market competition.



1、Own brand and corresponding intellectual property rights, exclusive use rights of the franchisee's region and use rights of the brand's intangible assets

2、Enjoy a unified marketing plan and promotion plan for the brand and a complimentary corporate official website worth 30,000 yuan.

3、Enjoy unified brand training, franchising guidance and the right to use the corporate identity system.

4、Enjoy the brand's professional logistics delivery system and the price advantage

5、Enjoy the free priority agency for Palachen products.

6、Enjoy sample free from Parachons and giveaways during events.

7、Timely access to the brand's new product research, development dynamics.

8、Palanson has extensively developed social resources, realized mutual resources, and helped each other.

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